Aout Us

Our Life with Our Kittens

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of caring for one, two, or three Ragdoll cats and occasionally nurturing a delightful litter of Ragdoll kittens. Due to my demanding work as a pediatric ICU nurse and the responsibilities of raising my children, I lacked the time and financial means to embark on establishing my own Ragdoll breeding program. However, my family continued to encourage me to pursue my dream of creating a distinctive line of Ragdolls. Eventually, with the children grown and financial stability achieved, my wife and I found the opportunity to turn our dream into reality through the inception of Andrews Home Of Kittens!

After extensive research, we meticulously selected top catteries to acquire our Ragdolls from. We sought out cats with the most striking appearance, optimal health, and the biggest personalities available. It was a two-year journey, but we succeeded! Our Ragdolls come from trusted breeders, all renowned for their exceptional standards in the feline world.

My wife and I have a deep affection for our Ragdoll cats and their adorable kittens. At Andrews Home Of Kittens, we are committed to upholding superior standards of cleanliness and humane treatment for our feline companions. Our cats reside in our home, receiving plenty of attention and playtime from us. Despite the significant efforts and costs involved in this passion, the joy it brings makes it all worthwhile. We provide our cats with premium, grain-free nutrition and regular veterinary care to ensure their well-being.

Through our dedication to breeding friendly, healthy, and exemplary Ragdoll cats, we aim to deliver happy and robust kittens to their future families. The fulfillment we derive from this endeavor motivates us to continue striving for excellence in our Ragdoll breeding program. If you ever need guidance or support in your Ragdoll breeding journey, feel free to reach out for assistance!